Sep 13

Spotted yesterday in London; made me giggle

Spotted yesterday in London; made me giggle

May 13

Star Trek Into Darkness

It’s cold in space.

It was also cold in the theatre.

Brr, the wrong day to decide to forgo my cardigan while wearing a short sleeved dress.

As for the movie?  Well, I don’t want to spoil anything so will leave it to you, dear reader whoever you are, to determine how well I called it in my previous post.

I think I shall need to watch it again. It was definitely darker than the previous movie, some relief was there but not of the order of magnitude of, say Iron Man 3′s interludes of humour. Similarities with events in the ‘prime’ universe may have been a bit too heavy handed.*

I’m going to go and have a read back through some of the IDW comics for any retrospect references, but shall leave you with two things…

The Tribble was back, and so was Cupcake.


*But that could just be me, I know Trek very well so the references have been just too clear for me. For someone coming to it without having seen anything but the previous movie it probably wouldn’t have been an issue.